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Skiing in Polanica

Since Polanica Zdrój is situated in the picturesque village of Sudetenland, there is nothing strange in the fact that many people choose to be right there on the ski Polanica Zdroj. It is, however, know that not only skiers will find in this beautiful town something for everyone. In fact Polanica Zdrój, and this regardless of the weather and time of year, also operates a toboggan run, which is designed for both children and adults, and is undoubtedly a great attraction for all tourists. There is no doubt, however, that while during the summer Polanica famous as a tourist destination, so much during the winter, its biggest attraction are the beautiful nearby mountains - our Polish Sudetes and its ski lifts Polanica Zdrój and any other facilities for skiing and other winter sports enthusiasts . And if we add to this the fact that Polanica is located in such a beautiful, picturesque surroundings, it is not surprising that it is so popular spot for some time. Every year, so come to Polanica Zdroj whole bunch of tourists who are in this beautiful city not only skiing and other winter sports, but also benefit from including all values Polanica spa. Indeed it is worth noting that Polanica Zdrój is widely recognized as one of the best spas in our country, and stay in that place is recommended by doctors for various ailments. There is nothing better than fresh, clean mountain air.

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